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Endpoint Zone Episode 4

In this months edition of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson you’ll hear directly from Corporate Vice President, Brad Anderson (that means he runs engineering) about the biggest month yet in Microsoft Intune releases. You’ll hear about the Intune Secure Browser, about Exchange On-Prem and Office 365 conditional access and other groundbreaking new features. But that’s not all. I also asks Brad about the General Availability of Azure Remote App and about the new Enterprise Cloud Suite (which super-sets Windows per user licensing, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

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Campus Days 2014 Keynote

A couple of weeks ago I was honored to be asked to be in the keynote at Campus Days in Denmark. Mary Jo Foley did a great job of explaining what “the new” Microsoft is like from the view of an outside Microsoft watcher. I then dropped in at 53[…]

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Endpoint Zone Episode 3

In this edition of the Endpoint Zone Brad Anderson discusses three game changing announcements around Office 365 integration with Microsoft Intune, native instrumentation of Microsoft Office apps for Microsoft Intune management and Office for Android and Brad and Simon interview Patrick Wirtz, Innovation Manager at the Walsh group – a Microsoft Intune[…]

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Your Top 5 Mobility Challenges Solved with Microsoft EMS

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) has the capabilities you need to solve your top five mobility challenges in a single vendor, single contract package. In this post I’ll take the top 5 mobility challenge, sourced from you and give you the technical solution to those problems.

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Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson, Episode 2

Brad and I talk about the last month in enterprise mobility in the second episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson. If you don’t know Brad is CVP Enterprise Mobility and Client Management at Microsoft and he’s tasked with delivering Microsoft Enterprise Mobility vision through the solutions his team develops. In this episode[…]

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Poll: What are your top mobility challenges?

Hey folks, I’m working on an upcoming post and I’d really like to get some feedback from you. I’ve already asked this on Twitter before and I have a pretty good idea from talking to people all over the world but: What are your top 5 mobility challenges? Let me[…]

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