Live Writer Wrapup Tool

I like to create a weekly wrap up of the gupf I’ve posted to my blog, in fact you can subscribe to my weekly wrap up feed. The following is a simple application that I created in C# with Visual Studio 2010 Express that uses WPF and allows you to suck your feed and select all the posts from a time period.  It then creates a wrap up post.  Simple.

Actually it’s really simple and easy to use.

Disclaimer:  I wrote this in my spare time and even though I’ve written about it, neither myself nor Microsoft make any warranty or accept any responsibility for something going wrong with it.  Use it at your own risk.  That said it doesn’t do much so it’s hard to see how it can go pear shaped.


How to use it


  1. Install it
  2. Start it by clicking the icon on your Start menu
  3. Enter the address of your feed (hit Save to, er, save it), select the dates to wrap up
    1. Optionally enter a title for the post – you can also do this later
  4. Hit Blog This!
  5. Finish editing your post in Live Writer, which will open with a wrap up of your posts, then post it.
  6. Chill, maybe grab a beer or some cheesy nachos or both