Awesome, I don’t need iTunes anymore!

Wow, what a find by LifeHacker!  I moved to iPhone earlier this year knowing that, unfortunately, I’d have to install the dreaded iTunes software to be able to manage it.  Well as of today I can uninstall it thanks to (free!) CopyTrans Manager.  CopyTrans Manager is a fully functional media manager for all iPod’s that’s stripped right down to the bare essentials.  It doesn’t let you buy stuff from the iTunes music store or manage applications, but I don’t care…it hasn’t crashed on me and I’ve been using it for all of an hour! :)  Okay, iTunes isn’t that bad.

CopyTrans doesn’t do any auto syncing, it’s a media manager that allows you to add to and remove tracks and videos to your iPod.  I’ve found it’s faster than iTunes too so far adding an album (over the network) in about 30 seconds.

CopyTrans also have free software for backing up your iPhone / iPod and for restoring your library to you PC from your iPhone / iPod.

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