Breaking: IT Pros have a future with the cloud

IT pro cloud myths

Ok it might not be breaking news but it sometimes feels like it.  The cloud is here to stay and yet I know it scares some people.  It’s kinda like moving from DOS to Windows, some people back then thought that all these GUIs would make it easier for people to use PCs and they wouldn’t need the techies so much.  That didn’t turn out to be true and it won’t for the cloud.  Sure it meant some skills transition but That’s a good thing good IT Pros know how to keep their skills up to date.

We’ve just released a micro site with some nice info to get you started in this brave new world through TechNet and the above image is of some of the stuff there.  Time to put the cloud to work.

So not only that but in the UK you’ve got myself and @deepfat showing you where there’s ground to be broken.  How can we help more?

What do you think?