CITE World Conference thoughts #citeconfl

Innovation based on learning from your internal and external people networks can help IT lead the businesses technology focus again. Consumerization of IT is now just IT. IoT is looking for an enterprise home and will find one but enterprises are asking the same questions they did around cloud.


I’m currently in the air flying to Houston for TechEd North America but just a week ago I was in San Francisco for the CITE World Conference. It was good to be there to catch up with thought leaders in the “consumerization”* space and the conference did it’s job. It inspired me to get THINKING again about the trend we’ve called “consumerization” or BYOD or a ton of other industry buzz words for a while. Here’s a few of the things that I got from the conference:

IT as an Innovator

There was a great bit of work by CITE of setting a theme of “Innovation” at the conference and it truly got the juices flowing. As an IT guy you might not think of your job as innovating you probably think of yourself as a “fixer” a “troubleshooter” – I know I sure did. Of course the reason anyone innovates is to solve a problem so you ARE a natural born innovator for your organization, you just need to apply your problem solving skills to the right problems. Those in the adjacent possible – i.e. those closely related to what you’re company is doing, you’ll gain acceptance for your ideas quickly there.

IT Professionals need to network

More on this after TechEd, but you need to become a networker. It’s now impossible to know everything you need to – our industry is too vast – and you can’t assimilate it all. You probably don’t even have the time to workout which vendors do the best job (it’s always Microsoft by the way Smile) The thing is your friends and industry acquaintances might have already solved the problem. I believe every IT pro should blog – you should share your knowledge because it’s transient now and after all how many times did you find the answer on someone else’s blog.

Blogging isn’t networking though, it’s a part of the puzzle. Networking involves having a way for people to find out again and again and to use your expertise – blogs help. Talking helps even more. Talk to people online and in-person at conferences. Networking IS innovation, every idea ever is built on another idea – a network of ideas!

Consumerization of IT is now just IT again

The trend of people using consumer devices in business has happened, it’s been assimilated, it now IS IT. Cloud is probably not far away from the same. There were lots of startups at this event (it was in San Francisco) and one thing is clear these startups are targeting enterprises as their customers but they’re doing it without regard to the technology looking like it’s enterprise technology. It’s just for IT – doesn’t matter if it runs on Android, iOS or Windows (hell of a lot is targeted at Windows).

X-YO-X is the new normal

There was ZERO discusson of BYOD as a trend just an accepted fact. People bring their own fancy stationary to work and they now bring their own fancy tech / apps and IT are dealing with that. It’s not all about BRING there is lots of CHOOSE and it’s not all about DEVICE there are APPS too and other things. People seem to have a handle on devices now, just about. The next thing you need to get a handle on is apps. Handle != control. Handle = Knowlage of and protections around.

IoT is the new BYOD and “Cloud”

I was at a session on IoT security. It’s a transient factor that again no one has a handle over – just like cloud governance used to be / still is for some: where’s my data? With IoT it’s “Who’s reading my devices data”. This is where the naysayers around wearables are targeting their efforts – they tend to be paid by click … just like the people who write about tend to write sensational stuff about all “movements” in IT. Wearables carrying enterprise information will happen, is happening.


These are all worthy of posts in their own right. I think I should get around to that!

What do you think?