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Azure RemoteApp Core Skills

How and When to Consider Azure RemoteApp

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp helps make your applications more widely available, on different devices regardless of if your end users are at work or not. While you may be enabling a solution like this today, think of all the time you could save (and how much you could save your business) if you could minimize complexity of your on-premises RDS deployments. To provide further details, I’ve selected two videos for you (one short for between meetings) and a longer one so you can go deep.

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Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #8

Azure AD Domain Services, The Ops Team, Azure AD Application Proxy, Password Cracking and Nested Virtualization

This week, one of the largest tech companies on the planet, Dell, bought one of the largest storage companies on the planet, EMC, and one of Microsoft’s leading enterprise mobility competitors decided to buy an email client that’s not cross platform (doh!). That said those two events only get an honorable mention in my Friday Five this week. Why? Well some things that should really matter to those of us trying to protect our user’s productivity matter much more…

The Friday Five at Simon-may.com

Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #7

Devices, Azure RemoteApp, iOS9 managed apps and an anechoic chamber, this week in Windows and Enterprise Mobility.

Now that is what I call a super-exciting week! Did you see that devices event?! As usual this week there’s been so many gems of technical content and, just downright cool, stuff released that I’ve tried to distill into just five, simple, easy things for you to digest on a Friday, or across the weekend!