Edge Show 133 – Azure AD SaaS apps and What’s new in Enterprise Mobility + Windows in January?

In this episode of The Edge Show on Channel 9, I talked about Azure AD SaaS apps integration with Eran Dvir, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft’s Identity team about what Azure AD SaaS app integration can do.

  • We talk through and show new capabilities for adding your own, custom SaaS apps
  • We take a look at how Azure AD SaaS apps can help you manage access to shared, corporate apps such as Twitter accounts.
  • We take a look at what integration with HR systems looks like (hint, Nirvana!);

This is what else has happened during the month of January in Enterprise Mobility and Windows

A small Windows 10 announcement

Press, analysts and myself are pretty excited about Windows 10 and the possibilities that it brings. Some especially neat things got announced at the preview event here on Redmond campus this week including holographic computing for Windows 10. There wasn’t much more information released that’s particularly useful to IT folk but I’ve heard from a number of people it’s starting to make people ask you when you’ll be adopting Windows 10 and the IT people I’ve spoken to seem positive too. To make sure you get the best head start possible watch the Windows 10 Jumpstart on MVA.

Universal Office apps for Windows 10

One great feature of Windows 10 is that apps will run everywhere and that includes Office and the Office blog excitedly talked about how we are creating better universal experiences.

Boards in Delve

Delve is one of my favorite new features of Office 365, allowing me to discover what’s happening in my work social graph. Boards are a new feature that let me curate some of that information better.

Brad Anderson, CVP Enterprise Mobility and Client Management, Podcast Series

Brad continues his series by talking to me about conditional access to company resources which is something that most people I talk to about mobility tell me is keeping them up at night.

Brad’s Architecture Matters Series

Brad is the engineering leader that makes decisions about why we build things the way we do and as such he’s taken some key architectural decisions that really matter when you’re looking at a longer-term strategy for your technology…if you aren’t assessing the architecture you’re implementing you probably have some work to do. In this series, Brad’s exploring some of the decisions we’ve made and why, such as moving our infrastructure for Microsoft Intune to Microsoft Azure.

We have free deep technical virtual labs for enterprise mobility available and free training too.

Work folders for iPad made available in the Apple Store

People have asked me for this for a while, and while I’ve known it was coming I couldn’t say when due to Apple’s store policy. It’s finally here meaning that you have a simple, way to get access to data stored on file servers in your private cloud (on-prem with Windows Server 2012 R2) anywhere in the world on iPad.

Azure AD added workplace join for Android Devices

Another big ask from IT has been the ability to give single sign on to corporate applications using Android devices. Thanks to this new set of Azure AD updates you can now do that by adding a workplace account on Android but not only that we’ve made enrollment more secure by adding an optional extra layer of trust with Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

Public Preview of Azure AD Connect

Setting up Azure AD and synchronization to your on-premises directory has traditionally been a bit tricky. The product team has worked tirelessly to make it easier and they released Azure AD Connect into Public Preview. You can watch this Edge Show where I interview Jen Field, the Program Manager for Azure AD Connect about its capabilities.

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