The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson

Enterprise Mobility is such a big deal at Microsoft that we have one our senior leaders on the hook to make sure we deliver on our vision. That guy is Brad Anderson, CVP Enterprise Client and Mobility who’s taking time out with me to bring you a new show on enterprise mobility. Get Brad’s thoughts on iOS 8, Airwatch and VMwares announcements, what we are doing with secure email and hear from one of our customers about how we are making their mobility dreams come true!

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  2. Arturo Blake Sr,

    I thought this was an excellent first presentation, and look forward to the future for much greater detail.

  3. Great job, look forward to future

  4. I think you may have missed the point on chat.
    Not all communications within a company are suitable for emails – part of the reason why it is so hard to keep up with emails sometimes is due to “conversations” instead of “work” being contained within emails.
    Furthermore, regulated industries need to enable other means for their users to communicate quickly in a more tangable – personal way.
    AirWatch Chat is an encrypted end to end secure messaging service that ensures no “listening in” to the conversation by any bystander. Chat archives can be collected by administrators and leveraged for evidence for investigations such as; Insider Trading, HR Harrassment Complaints, etc. It is much, much easier to use than SMIME from both a User POV and Admin POV.
    Finally, Chat can take significant load off of the corporate Exchange environment.

    • You have a good point, we might have. The problem I see is that Airwatch chat silos chat, sure it’s on iOS and Android but where are the Mac and Windows clients. People still spend a really really good chunk of their day on those devices…where is the integration with other communications mechanisms…how do I bring something into a secure chat which isn’t secure before?

What do you think?