Endpoint Zone Episode 4

In this month’s edition of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson you’ll hear directly from Corporate Vice President, Brad Anderson (that means he runs engineering) about the biggest month yet in Microsoft Intune releases. You’ll hear about the Intune Secure Browser, about Exchange on-prem and Office 365 conditional access and other ground-breaking new features. But that’s not all. I also asks Brad about the General Availability of Azure Remote App and about the new Enterprise Cloud Suite (which super-sets Windows per user licensing, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Yes, this is the Tech Industries official enterprise mobility talk show.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Everything Patrick is talking about AirWatch has had for 2 years, Intune is playing catch up

    • Actually yes, we’ve played catchup. We are there. Now we can do things that they can’t … for example conditional access to Exchange online, OneDrive for business.

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  3. Kevin Wilson

    Sharing a few related thoughts:

    As enterprise contracts come up for renewal, and as more companies set Office 365 as their direction during these decision points, they will find that it all works better with Enterprise Mobility Suite (standalone, or as a part of Enterprise Cloud Suite) and they will see Intune as an essential component of making this all work. This emerges in parallel to their existing AirWatch et al deployments, which continue to serve those not (yet) on Office 365.

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