Last week in Enterprise Devices and Infrastructure July 15 to 21

Last week was a very interesting week in the world of enterprise devices and infrastructure: the Apple / IDM announcement, a great BYOD post on LinkedIn, Azure AD SaaS apps in the spotlight and many more useful bits.

Business Stuff

Apple and IBM signed an exclusive deal for IBM to start selling Apple devices along with it’s software deals and for IBM to produce exclusive business apps for iOS. This is a great move for both companies and will give Apple an instant enterprise sales force. I spotted this very interesting post on Linked In that questions how you terminate someone’s employment when they use BYOD. Of course the answer is “containers” but the question is always going to be who controls the container. It definitely shows how important it is to have a multi-layered approach to enabling mobility today.

Device Apps

We announced the App Portals tool for Windows 8.1. The tool lets you create a curation of enterprise apps and use it in very interesting ways, using Assigned Access in Windows 8.1 you can replace the Start Screen with App Portals or simply run the app from the Start Screen.

SaaS Apps

SaaS apps are a big part of most organizations app portfolio these days but management of them can be a little choppy with many requiring disparate, non-integrated or centralized credentials to make them work. We have a solution though and Gartner reported a little about it last week meanwhile Brad Anderson explained all in a great blog post (scroll to the bottom for a great video too). clip_image002_thumb_08CDC8F4

Remote Apps

My good friend Andrew Fryer released his excellent VDI book this week. Take a look at Getting started with Windows VDI.

Device Security

BitLocker PIN on Surface Pro 3 and Other tablets lists the technical approaches that you can put in place for when you’re company still won’t accept that you probably don’t need a PIN on a Windows 8.1 device with BitLocker – such as the Surface Pro 3.

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