What Happened Last Week in Enterprise Devices and Infrastructure: 15-21 June 2014

After a long hiatus I thought I’d bring back my regular roundup of enterprise device and infrastructure news.

Infrastructure buyers are interested in Windows 8.1 devices. … cite manageability, the ability to domain-join the devices, legacy application compatibility, and other reasons for their interest.

Offices with tight budgets, such as the Department of Children and Family Services, will now spend less time worrying about technology and more time working on cases and directly with families; saving even just five minutes per case can exponentially increases the agency’s capacity to take on and resolve more cases and ultimately serve more county constituents.

  • And if you want to see where Office 365 is headed you can now check out the roadmap for Office 365 which is pretty freeking awesome and very new Microsoft! Finally Brad is kicking it and taking names in his latest series over on his blog…it’s pretty epic to have been given the remit this guy has got to deliver:

the things you need “to enable your users to be productive on the devices love while helping you keep the company secure”

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