Enterprise Mobility Resources

Enterprise Mobility is a complex and ever-expanding topic. I’ve created this page to keep track of some of the most useful resources for Enterprise Mobility from Microsoft. Here you’ll find technical blog posts, video series about enterprise mobility, free training on Microsoft Virtual Academy, Free Virtual Labs and much more.

Great Articles on this blog

Here are some of my most popular posts for enterprise mobility.

Learn these 10 core skills for Enterprise Mobility to future proof your enterprise

Now is the time to invest in your “core skills” for enterprise mobility so you are at the center of your organization’s future, just like you were when you moved from Windows NT to Windows 2000…remember how you felt then? I felt pretty epic, it was a career highpoint for me!

Get Started with the Enterprise Mobility Suite in Minutes

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is an awesome set of tools to help you manage mobility. But where do you start and what do the components do and why do you even need them? If you have EMS are you using all its tools to the best advantage? This post is going to give you the trials, the virtual labs and the free training courses you need!

Enable Office 365 Built-In MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Do you have company owned mobile devices or employee-owned mobile devices that receive email? Of course, you do everyone does. Do you have a Mobile Device Management solution that you’re paying lots for but only using little of? Have you got or are you looking at getting Office 365? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need to be aware of Mobile Device Management in  which Microsoft announced on March 30 on the Office Blog. In this post, I’m going take you through enabling MDM management of a device but first, why is MDM in Office 365 important?

Setting up a solid Identity and Access Management Foundation

Not everyone has a simple Active Directory structure, not everyone can move all their user objects and every single attribute to Azure AD, without a little nip-and-tuck. This post is going to help you deepen your core skills around Azure AD Sync Services, so you can go beyond the basics!

Enable Mobile Application Management of Office apps for iOS and Android

The Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive apps are hugely popular on iOS and are natively instrumented for management only with Microsoft Intune. On Android, OneDrive, Office Mobile, and many other apps are also natively instrumented only for Intune. In this post, you’ll learn about Mobile Application Management in Microsoft Intune, including containers, encryption, policies, and app deployment.

Video: The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson

Endpoint Zone Episode 7

Once a month Brad Anderson, CVP, Enterprise Client and Mobility at Microsoft and I get together to talk about all the most pressing things that have happened in the past month in Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft and in the industry. You’ll get the inside track on what Microsoft is building to help you manage your endpoints.

Technical Labs on Microsoft Virtual Academy

One of the hardest things with enterprise mobility is being able to try out some of the tools quickly. The problem is that in your lab it can take time to build some of the basic building blocks. Like servers, AD DS domains, populate user accounts and devices and all that stuff.