Unzip with PowerShell all files in Folder (Directory)

In this post, you’ll learn how I Unzip all the Zip files in a folder with PowerShell.

I quite often need to use PowerShell scripts to work with a group of VMs that I produce so that people can deliver IT Camps across the world. When I get these VMs (they’re recreated periodically) I need to import them into my hosting environment. The VMs come in the form of ZIPs so here’s a script that will

$dir = \\your_sever\your_dir

$scriptblock = {
 function Expand-ZIPFile($file, $destination)

$shell = new-object -com shell.application
 $zip = $shell.NameSpace($file)
 foreach($item in $zip.items())

Expand-ZIPFile $args[0].fullname -destination $args[1] +"\"+ $args[0].Name.Split("_")[0]}
dir $dir | foreach {start-job -ArgumentList $_,$dir -ScriptBlock $scriptblock}

The interesting thing about this script is that it makes use of dir, which is an alias of Get-ChildItem.

What do you think?