Friday 5: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #16

This week I’ve been hugely involved with an massive internal Microsoft conference, but that hasn’t stopped me reading, listening and watching a ton of useful stuff so you don’t have to. Here are my top five picks for this week:

Enterprise State Roaming for Windows 10 and Azure AD

This week we announced the preview of enterprise state roaming for Windows 10 and Azure AD. Now your business Windows 10 devices can roam their state data to the cloud, with separation of business and personal settings. All you need is the preview in AAD and Windows 10 1511,10589.

The Ops Team

One of my regular shows the Ops Team is worth a watch this week as we explore the amazing world of IT operations.

Work like a network

I think this is a really great way for anyone in IT to get a slightly different view on how the world of collaboration has changed. Many of us in IT don’t have the time to see how the world is changing and we regularly get locked in. I thin this video on the office blog is really worth watching.

MAM without enrollment FAQ – from the community

Peter Van Der Woude wrote up a great FAQ about the questions he’s been asked about MAM without device enrollment. It thinks it’s really worth reading, along with the documentation and watching the Endpoint Zone to get a good view on a cutting edge new technology. I think this may well change how we manage our users in a BYOD context.

Amazing display

This video that was first posted by @edwardsanchez on Twitter is a really amazing view of what the future holds:

What do you think?