Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #10

I mainly spent this week at a conference in Las Vegas, IT Edge, along with Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley and Mark Minasi along with some other Microsoft folks. However here is what floated my Windows and Enterprise Mobility boat this week:

Nerding out with Surface Book

This week Milad Aslaner and I took the Channel 9 studio to nerd out about the Surface Book for Inside Windows. It’s super-cool to get inside the hardware with someone responsible for making this the ultimate laptop. I learnt all about NVMe, the Pen and the custom UEFI in the device. Watch Inside Windows to find out more.

Azure AD Domain Services, now available in Europe

I got to spend time with Mahesh, the engineer behind Domain Services a couple of weeks ago and now the Domain Services has been enabled in the European Azure Regions!

Using a hypervisor to secure your desktop – Credential Guard in Windows 10

Credential Guard in Windows 10 enterprise is one of those things that pushes Windows 10 to one of the most protected operating systems ever made. Ben, who you probably know is awesome, is one of the key people behind Hyper-V and he’s detailed in this video just how it works. Really cool.

The complete guide for troubleshooting Azure AD Application Proxy

Most of our jobs is about fixing things that went wrong. You might encounter some things that went wrong with Azure AD Application Proxy at some point and this really helpful paper will guide you through the troubleshooting process. Save it in your document library for the next time you need to search for a fix.

Ops Team Episode 2 “Ricks Finger”

Loving making this show with the rest of my team, hope you enjoy it too:

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