Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #11

Windows fall update, Microsoft Mechanics, Facebook at work, New Azure Datacenters and Business Jargon to avoid.

No Friday Five last week as I was travelling and, to be honest, I just wasn’t sure what day of the week it was! That means lots of things going on to pick up from the world of Windows and Enterprise Mobility!

New Features in Windows 10 Update

On November 12 we released one of the biggest feature updates so far for Windows 10. Lots of great new things in there for you to play with but, if you’ve been in Windows Insider you’ve obviously seen many of the features already! There are lots of great things inside this update that you’ll want to dig into like more MDM capabilities, more Azure AD join capabilities, Credential Guard, Device Guard and much more.

Azure AD B2B Collaboration on Microsoft Mechanics

I interviewed Arvind Suthar the Program Manager behind Azure AD’s B2B collaboration features for the show. You can watch the show here on Microsoft Mechanics.

Facebook @ Work and Azure AD

Facebook at Work lets organizations use Facebook internally for collaboration. Getting to the point of being able to do that quickly really requires deep integration with identity and obviously organizational identities specifically. It’s now really easy to setup Facebook for work with the Azure AD application gallery.

New Azure Datacenters in Europe

Being British this is something I think is hugely important. While I was in the UK this week at Future Decoded Satya announce that we are opening new Datacenters in Germany and the UK. This will mean you’ll be able to locate your data in the UK and Germany if that’s where you operate. You can read more here.

Business Jargon to avoid

I read this wonderful post by Stephen Waddington, just a couple of days ago, and totally loved it. It was nice to reach out and touch some blue sky thinking J I wish many of my colleagues would read this J

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