Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility

Terms and Conditions, IPad Pro, iOS9 support in Intune, Funny comic…

This week’s Friday Five is a little delayed due to having a crazy packed Friday but there were some really fun and interesting things in Enterprise Mobility this week that caught my eye:

Multiple Terms and Conditions in Intune

The Intune Company Portal app is THE interface that all end users with Microsoft Intune managed devices interact with (it also happens to be rated higher than almost all our competitor’s portals in the stores). Microsoft Intune supports multiple Ts and Cs, which you might need if your organization operates in multiple geos. MVP Peter van der Woude has a great write up on his blog that I enjoyed reading.

iPad Pro

I really enjoyed watching the Apple keynote this week where they announced the iPad Pro, mainly I enjoyed it because Microsoft was on stage making iPad Pro really useful. The Office iPad apps have a few updates that will really leverage new iOS 9 and iPad Pro features – to be honest I can’t really see the point of the iPad Pro without Office! The only way to manage the Office iPad apps is with EMS as Brad Anderson points out beautifully, as well as outlining the best features of the new device for productivity on his blog.

iOS 9 Management

Kieran Gupta also posted about some of the cool stuff coming in iOS 9 that Intune will manage, and my own customer conversations tell me how popular this is going to be. In iOS 9 we will be able to “take over” management of an app installed previously as a personal app (as long as the user says it’s OK). That save that awkward, uninstall, reinstall to get an app managed. Awesome. There are a huge amount of new features coming in iOS 9 which will be supported by Intune – the post is a must read!

Something I enjoyed watching: Learn how to deliver business value by connecting Windows 10 IoT Core, Azure IoT services and Azure App Services

The title says it all really but this is a great Ignite NZ session that I think you’ll like.

Something funny

While I loved certain aspects of the iPad Pro, I don’t think it’s going to change the world, I think it’s pretty niche and certainly will reflect at least a 3-year replacement pattern for enterprise devices. This cartoon, over at Mashable, is pretty funny.

Image: Joel Watson, Hijinks Ensue

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