Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility

Azure AD Join in Windows 10, Office 2016, Conditional Access for PCs, Constrained Delegation and… iPhone speed tests

Another super busy and interesting week in Enterprise Mobility, but here’s the very best of what’s been floating my boat this week.

Azure AD Join in Windows 10

The Single Sign On benefits of Azure AD join are immediate to see, and every session where I present this to people love this ability. If you have Office 365, then this is a total no-brainer! The steps to get there aren’t hard – it takes about 20 minutes’ tops – but here’s a great walk-thorough on on Azure AD Join. I’ve linked to part two but go there and you’ll find part one too!

Office 2016 is the most secure Office ever!

At least that’s what Brad Anderson thinks, and honestly, I have to agree – and not just ‘cos he’s a friend! Brad’s post is a complete an explanation as I’ve seen to date as to why that’s the case. It hinges on a trifecta of awesomeness: Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention, Ensure The User is Who They Say They Are, and, Protect Data-At-Rest and In-motion.

Conditional Access for PCs, Part 2

Peter van der Woude, MVP, has a great post on setting up SharePoint online and conditional access for PCs. This feature is incredibly powerful, but if you aren’t aware of it: Conditional Access is the THE answer to making sure that your devices (PCs in this case, but works across OSes) are up to date and in compliance with your corporate security policy – BEFORE they get access to your data. That’s a huge win for IT.

All you want to know about Kerberos Constrained Delegation!

My friend Meir, who runs to the Azure AD Application Proxy team, knows a thing or two about KCD – Azure AD App Proxy works seamlessly with it. He’s written about a super awesome white-paper which I’m currently reading (I never say that about a whitepaper!) that explains exactly what’s going on with KCD. The whitepaper was written by Mark Grimes in Microsoft Services. Read the post linked above for Meir’s endorsement, but you can also get the whitepaper right here:

Something fun that I’m loving

I’m really liking this video from Mashable today about the speeds of every version of the iPhone ever. Very nice work.

What do you think?