Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #6

Conditional Access, Device Refresh intervals, VPNs Suck, Exchange 2016 and devices!

This Friday Five is my round up of the things in the world of Windows and Enterprise Mobility that have made me think, smile and chuckle this week. Hopefully you find them useful and if you do, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@simonster) or subscribe to the blog on the right, so you don’t have to check back every week.

Conditional Access for PCs – Part 3

Peter van der Woude, Microsoft Enterprise Client Management MVP, continues his informative, multi-part series on conditional access for PCs. In this, the third installment, he enables conditional access for PCs to Exchange online.

The one blog post you ever need on policy refreshes on every device managed by Microsoft Intune

Policy refresh times are frankly the bane of my life when it comes to doing demos. I’m constantly outfoxed by them. This excellent article, by shoud-be-MVP Nickolaj, is all you ever need to know about policy refresh cycles!

VPNs just plain suck for users, ditch them…

…and start using Azure AD App Proxy instead for publishing your on-prem applications to your users, through the cloud. If you aren’t familiar with our solution it leapfrogs what you can do with a VPN and you should really be asking yourself – Why the heck am I making my users use a VPN? Azure AD App Proxy can provide single sign-on, and it can do it with on-prem apps that even have different on-prem identities. In this blog post Meir explains you how.

Email is the point of mobility, kinda

Well it’s certainly the most familiar workload and millions of email admins are also mobility admins. Exchange Server 2016 was released this week – woot! – and all the “forged in the cloud” goodness that Office 365 customers have been experiencing for a while has come to the on-prem world. What does that mean? Simple: great experiences for Android and iOS devices, easier sharing with OneDrive documents being linked to emails rather than attached, MODERN AUTHENTICATION which supports multi-factor and sweet DLP scenarios. Check out what’s new in Exchange 2016 with this TechNet article.

Getting Excited for next week!

October 6th has a great event happening in NY, NY and hopefully there will some cool new stuff to see. (hint: I know what’s coming and it’s cool, can’t say any more J). You can read about it on CNET right here.


  1. I’m really hoping MS can get rid of the standard USB a la the new Macbook and go with the Type C connectors. I’m not all about the ‘thin is in’ rage but to use the Surface Pro as a tablet (at least for reading) it needs to be thinner and lighter. Type C, Skylake, thinner/lighter, would be good enough for me to commit to getting one.

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