Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #7

Devices, Azure RemoteApp, iOS9 managed apps and an anechoic chamber, this week in Windows and Enterprise Mobility.

Now that is what I call a super-exciting week! Did you see that devices event?! As usual this week there’s been so many gems of technical content and, just downright cool, stuff released that I’ve tried to distill into just five, simple, easy things for you to digest on a Friday, or across the weekend!


Back to my earlier point…did you see that devices event? Yes – wasn’t it epic. It was only press in attendance but Panos Panay got a standing ovation…from the press! So much was announced it’s hard to give you just a single link to read about, but I’d recommend taking a watch of the keynote – just take an hour and watch (I was watching on the cross trainer at the gym with my Microsoft Band – see below image I NAILED some calroies).

What did we announce: Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Microsoft Band 2, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

I’ve been using the Surface Book for about 2 months J and it’s freeking awesome. Right now I’m typing this on my Surface Pro 4 and the keyboard – oh man the keyboard!

Managed Apps on iOS9

One of the best things Apple has done in iOS 9 is introduce the ability to “take over” apps that are already installed and make them a corporate app. Peter van der Woude, has a great article on The New Managed App Installation Experience in iOS9. (I seem to always be including this guy).

September Updates to Azure RemoteApp

There was a load of updates to Azure RemoteApp last month that were released to the blog. I also got to see some of what’s coming with this technology, earlier this week, and one thing I can tell you is that you NEED to be investigating Azure RemoteApp as part of your enterprise mobility solution. It’s about to blow the alternatives out of the water.

MSI for MDM – Wha…

Microsoft Intune now makes it possible to deploy MSI based installs to Windows 10 devices through MDM. Pretty freaking cool, previously you’d have needed something like an agent installed on the machine. Now we make it happen in MDM and Nickolaj has a great post on Deploying a Windows Installer package with MDM.

Let’s fun it out…quietly

I always try to bring you something not quite work related as the last thing. This is cool.

One thing about the new devices that makes them amazing is the amazing place we build them. Building 87. I’ve been there a few times and it’s just outstandingly nerdy. You can nerd out too by experiencing the quietest place on earth ) our audio lab (really it holds the world record. I’ve been in this room and it is unervingly quiet. It’s amazing.

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