Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility

Friday Five gives you the top five things you need to know for this week that happened in the world of Windows and Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft, from Simon May, Microsoft Technical Evangelist. In this week’s roundup: Outlook for iOS (Now with RMS!), RSAT for Windows 10, MDT 2013 Update 1, Can identical twins fool Windows Hello, Intune Managed Browser.

The Friday Five

The best email client for enterprise mobility just got better: Outlook on iOS with RMS Support

This is kind of a big deal. Outlook on iOS now has support for RMS-protected documents directly within the app. You might not be able to see why that’s such a big deal so let me spell it out. Outlook on iOS can be managed through Microsoft Intune and you can set policy so that a user needs to enter a PIN to enter Outlook and that Outlook can only transfer work data to other work apps (the app is dual persona so personal email isn’t affected, pretty cool). Now however when you receive an email and it’s encrypted you can read it and access any RMS-protected files.

New tool: RSAT for Windows 10

Last week we did a Jump Start for MVA where one of the top questions was: “when are the RSAT tools for Windows 10 coming out”. We couldn’t give you an answer, but they are out now. If you are asking what is RSAT, it’s the Remote Server Administration Tools that allow you to manage Windows Servers from your Windows 10 client.

More new tools: MDT 2013 Update 1 Released

If you’re going to deploy Windows 10 then you are probably going to use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to do it. This week MDT 2013 Update 1 was released to allow you to do just that, tons of fixes and changes went in but most notable is the ability to run an in-place upgrade rather than requiring a wipe-and-load to move up to Windows 10 replace the OS.

Amazing read: Windows Hello: can identical twins fool Microsoft and Intel?

I’ve started using Windows Hello with an Intel RealSense camera to log into my PC every day. IT’s an amazing technology and it’s great to see people putting it to the test! Windows Hello: can identical twins fool Microsoft and Intel?

Community article that I’ve enjoyed most this week: Microsoft Intune Managed Browser

The managed browser is available for iOS and Android to help IT control which sites open in a browser that has the full trust of other organization apps provided by Intune. This article by MVP Peter van der Woude explains it really well.

I need your help! I’m running a straw poll about trusing your employer not to snoop on your BYO device. Can you help? Here’s the poll.

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