Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #13

So the first week back from the holidays had a few interesting enterprise mobility and Windows stories that caught my eye. Here they are:

Video I made

A few weeks ago I hit the studio with Alex Simons from our Azure AD team to record this great session on Azure AD B2C and the capabilities that it provides to you. Azure AD B2C lets you provide easy access to your applications using a consumer identity such as Facebook or Google. Check out the video on the Microsoft Mechanics channel.

Blog Post I like

Enterprise Mobility MVP, Gerry Hampson, released a great overview of what’s new in Configuration Manager current branch (aka 1511), take a look at this short, sharp post here on Gerry Hampson’s blog.

PowerShell for Intune

Another smashing community post from Nickolaj who’s written up a great, step-by-step blog on how to remove users from an Intune (aka Azure AD) tenant. Something that you might want to do, as he explains, if you moved from trail (with trial users) into production. Nickolaj has done the hard work for you with a script that you can reuse.

Something I want in my next car

The connected car is something that’s coming, and it’s not far away. At CES this week Microsoft and a number of auto-makers announced some interesting partnerships. What some people missed initially is that this goes way beyond the (now frankly a bit old) infotainment experience in the car. This is really about being able to have your auto-maker proactively contact you about potential wear and tear, issues, upgrade and much more that you in-car network is sensing.

Also at CES

I can’t help but talk about droolworthy PCs such as the new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga, new Dells, new Samsungs

What do you think?