Friday Five: Windows and Enterprise Mobility #14

New user experiences for Intune, MAM without enrollment, OneDrive Sync issues fixed, Config Man deployment of Windows 10 and KLM Yammering!

At the end of another interesting week in my world I finally managed to start a little side project I hope you’ll find interesting that I’ve been planning all year, but more on that another time! Let’s take a look at the best of this week in Windows and Enterprise Mobility.

New stuff in Microsoft Intune

This is something that I think your users will just plain love. The product team changed the user experience for apps that are managed by your organization so that we don’t annoy the user by continuously reittereating that the app is managed. Read about that one on the Intune blog.

Get up and running with MAM without device enrollment

MVP Peter Van der Woude explains how to get up and running with our MAM without enrollment feature that allows you to manage Microsoft Office apps on iOS without the need to enroll the device. This does two huge things – First, it reduces the time to deploy Office for iOS with all the protections enterprises need (encryption, copy protections etc.). Second, it means your users don’t have to worry about what you can see on their device, since you aren’t managing the device, just the apps. If you’re worried about over-extending your control, this post is for you.

Fix your OneDrive for Business sync issues

I love ODB but sometimes it just gets all hinky. I really found this post on fixing OneDrive sync issues very helpful this week!

Learn to deploy Windows 10 with Configuration Manager

There are many ways to deploy Windows 10 but probably one of the most common ways for enterprises will be with Configuration Manager. Why? Well it’s the only way to do a zero touch deployment of Windows 10 to thousands of machines where you need to replace the image that’s already there. Sure you could use an in-place upgrade and hopefully many will, but there are some very solid use-cases for image replacement. For example, you might have 32-bit OSes deployed today and you want to move to 64-bit, or you have BIOS emulation running on UEFI and want to take advantage of wicked security features such as Secure and Measured boot (HINT: YOU REALLY NEED THIS IN TODAYS WORLD, quit using BIOS!) Checkout Blain Barton’s blog for more!

Yammer takes to the sky (again)

A friend of mine worked really hard on this so I want to give her props. Almost everytime I get on a plane over to Europe I hear the cabin crew talking about using Yammer – both British Airways and now KLM are super into their internal social network. Having your flight attendants able to talk to each other is very important when a workforce would otherwise be disconnected. You can read a little about what this means to KLM on the Office blog.


  1. I have Intune licenses, but standalone MAM is asking me to create a new Intune instance in the new portal???

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