Great new tools for Windows 7

The last couple of weeks since the launch of Windows 7 has seen the release of some great tools, based on some great ideas, for Windows 7.  Lots of these will no doubt make the tips boxes of future editions of my book but why wait?  Here’s a quick roundup: has been around for a while, but it’s just entered version 3.5 final and it now looks lickably good!  This application is my image editing and drawing tool of choice, most of the graphics here have been created or tidied with it and frankly folks it’s the best image editor you can get for this price.  Free!  Seriously this is competition for Photoshop and that’s saying quite a lot!  Read the blog and get the latest version.


gmail backup GMail backup a serious recommendation here folks, if you are 100% reliant on your web based email, make a backup!  My book explains a load of ways to do it, but this is new and worth a mention if you’re a Gmail user.  This tool will take a local copy to your PC of everthing in your Gmail account, great if something odd should happen to your account!  Get Gmail Backup here.


Windows Live SkyDrive gives you 25gb of free storage in the cloud but SkyDrive Explorer adds extra functionality by making it seem like the drive is local to your PC.  That makes it possible to do a whole load more with it, the fantastic application is also free and available here.


Close All Windows is a simple appication that does what it says on the tin.  One click and all your open apps close down, which can be really handy if you’ve got loads running but need to get out of them all in a hurry.  In Winodws 7 pin the shortcut to the start menu for fastest results.  Download from here.


[I’ve found and tried these tools over the past week from a variety of sources including various people on Twitter, AddictiveTips and Ghacks]

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