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HelloTwitFace is an application for viewing and updating your status with Twitter and Facebook.  It’s a mobile Mashup of technology from Twitter, HelloText and now Summize. It’s also the best looking Twitter client for Windows Mobile!

New to version 2.2 is Summize searches.  Summize is a great web app for searching for tweets, in HelloTwitFace it powers the replies tab “@” and also the Summize tab where you can search for anything want on twitter!  You can read more about summize at the summize blog.

The twitter part of the application was new to version 2.0 and replaced the twitter tab in version 1.0 that just use m.twitter.com. The twitter tab now shows the profile images of those people your following on twitter. There is also the Fantastic “De-Scobleizer” feature. If you follow Robert Scoble you know he tweets a lot, so I intvented the “De-Scobleizer” tab, a tab that filters out one individuals tweets.

Sounds good, what are the system requirements?

Simple, like the app.

  • Windows Mobile 5 or 6, Professional (touch screen). Note for now it’s not working on Standard (smart phone) but that is going to be coming in the next major release codename “atticus”
  • You’ll need an account with hellotxt.com
  • An account with twitter.com
  • An account with Facebook.com
  • It would be good if you had an unlimited data account or this could cost you lots – HelloTwitFace updates every 10 minutes (which is fine for most) but you can change that in Settings > Settings

Where to get it?

Get it Just here, just copy the .cab file to your device and run it, or download directly on your device.

How do I use it?

Start the app, there will be a shortcut like this in Start / Programs. When the app starts for the first time it will check to see if it’s up to date, if it’s not AppToDate will be launched (you can say no) to update HelloText, it will also take you to the settings menu to enter your twitter details.

There a 3 options on the Navigation menu:

  • Back – if you follow a link, this will go back, only works on the selected Tab
  • Home – takes you to the default page for that tab, and updates that page.
  • Refresh All – refreshes all the pages.

The only other menu button closes the app.

What else do I need to know?

I’ll be updating the application, and I’ve built in MoDaCo AppToDate support. You should download AppToDate to keep up to date with this and other applications from here. HelloTwitFace installs AppToDates “stub” file for you, so just launch it from Start > Programs on your device to keep up to date.

Some of the nice people to have mentioned it: PocketPCFreeWare.net / .mobi

HelloTwitFace is a Windows Mobile freeware app that is essentially a front end to HelloTxt, but with the added bonus of tabs for Facebook and Twitter that let you read what your mates are doing too.


Today, I discovered HelloTwitFace, another Twitter client with a better UI interface.


I’ve gathered what I think are some of the ten best free applications for Windows Mobile. …
Simple app that lets you use your mobile device with three applications: hellotxt, Twitter, and Facebook. Bloggers who show their Twitter status on their blog will love this.

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