How and When to Consider Azure RemoteApp

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp helps make your applications more widely available, on different devices regardless of if your end users are at work or not. While you may be enabling a solution like this today, think of all the time you could save (and how much you could save your business) if you could minimize complexity of your on-premises RDS deployments. To provide further details, I’ve selected two videos for you (one short for between meetings) and a longer one so you can go deep.

Short: Understanding AzureRemote App

The first video is about 15 minutes long, and in it, Eric Orman, Senior Program Manager for Azure RemoteApp, discusses what Azure RemoteApp can do in a real world use case: Publishing QuickBooks 2015 as a RemoteApp. He also explains when to consider Azure RemoteApp in the cloud vs. hybrid.

Go Deep: Azure RemoteApp Core Skills

If you have 2 hours and would like to deep dive into Azure RemoteApp with tons of technical demos, watch this Microsoft Virtual Academy free online training with Brad Anderson, Eric Orman and me.

Azure RemoteApp

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