iOS in the Enterprise


iOS in the Enterprise

Earlier this week I had an article published in Mitch Tulloch’s WServerNews. In the article I take a look at how you’d go about setting up AD FS and Web Application Proxy with Windows Server 2012 R2 in order to allow Device Enrolment from an iOS device.

Over the past few years the devices that we have to support in our organisations has changed, pushed forth by the notion that the devices our users want to use has evolved. Not every worker is happy to only use the devices that IT provide to them as users have become more tech-savvy. I’m not suggesting they’ve all become technology whiz-kids but they know more than they once did; enough to feel comfortable about owning the latest tech. Devices too have improved making much of what we used to spend our time managing far easier – security, connectivity. To put things another way IT is starting to be able to shift focus from control to governance. Read the rest of the article

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Simon May is an Infrastructure Technology Evangelist at Microsoft concentrating on Devices and Services but with special interests in deployment and device management. Simon is a professional public speaker and the author of several books on Windows. Opinions on this blog are his own.