iPhone SDK and ActiveSync

There have been a number of blogs out there, including this one – which by the way is excellent – talking about the fall of WinMo becuase of the iPhone’s SDK release and the fact that MS have licensed the ActiveSync protocol to Apple.

I really need to say something about this.

What these posts all seem to have missed is that WinMo is mainly targeted at the enterprise customer. Enterprise customers have hundreds of devices to manage…who want’s to manage hundreds of iPhones with no management software? No over the air activation? No policy enforcement? Your top exec running an iPhone, and not being able to fix his issues when your in England and he’s in Dubai?

Have a look at http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/mobile/default.mspx management is what REALLY maters to big Enterprise. Jason Langridge intrduced me to this at the last MMUG meeting.

What do you think?