Last “week” in Enterprise Devices and Infrastructure News

These last week posts seem to have slipped due to ridiculously busy schedules, I’m let me try to get them started again:

Windows Devices

Surface Pro 3 deployment resources will help you get those Surface Pro 3 devices rolled out, the PFE team have even included links to the firmware and driver packs that you’ll need and take you through how to deploy with MDT!

Cloud Storage

This great article on OneDrive for business managed deployment will get you able to deploy the OneDrive for business apps silently in your business.

Microsoft is doing lots to make it easier for you to trust how we run our cloud, whatever that trust might include – be it protection from government snooping, compliance standards or stronger encryption and we’ve put together a load of great resources that you’ll find really useful. You can find them here: [via The Fire Hose]

Device Management and App Security

Brad Anderson (CVP Mobility and Client Management @ Microsoft) posted a great article that articulates our map to the future of where we are taking our solutions for mobility management. I found this part really interesting:

In Q4 of 2014 we will update Intune and introduce a new feature called “Conditional Access Policy.” This feature will allow the administrator to grant access to O365 (e-mail and OneDrive for Business) or on-prem Exchange only
the device is managed by Intune and meets the compliance policy criteria specified by the IT administrator.

Read Brad’s post here and take a listen to Brad’s podcast (the Brad Cast [sic]) – I was there during the recording and some of the upcoming ones are super cool!

What do you think?