Last Week in Enterprise Mobility September 22 to 29

Last week in enterprise mobility was a little quiet, apart from people bending phones of course. In this weeks roundup: Office 365 case studies, thinking strategically about Task Workers, lots of Gartner links and some tips on consumer safety.

Apps (Office 365)

“We ran a small pilot program of Google Docs, but Google doesn’t work well with Office, which all employees use, and its pricing model is not that great,” Hänninen says. “Microsoft had a far stronger federated enterprise solution, better support, a more convincing story around total cost and a more enterprise-ready, innovative solution.”

I came across this really interesting case study for Office 365 last week at Finnair. I’ll be on one of their flights soon and it’s interesting to see the extent to which they’ve embraced cloud based productivity which I’m convinced is the on-ramp to Enterprise Mobility.


This past week Brad Anderson posted about Mobile Task Workers which are a key element of your mobile management mix. When I talk to customers when they come to Redmond and elsewhere this is usually something that peaks their interest, most organisations have workers that just complete one task, be it a production line, inventory, delivery, something:

Toyota uses Intune to manage more than 3,000 PCs in their dealerships across Europe (read the case study here). We’ve also spent the last year working with a salon that uses Intune to manage more than 15,000 POS devices in their franchises all over the US.

Gartner posted a PDF with a bunch of useful and insightful endpoint management strategies.

Saul Judah, also at Gartner, posted something very thoughtful about Improving the chances of a successful MDM bake. Spolier alert: it’s about YOUR business.

Cirkey! Lots of Gartner… Microsoft is the only “Leader” in all 4 of Gartners MQs

Consumer Safety

This week I’m including this item because I think Ed Bott has a great post here about how to enable two-factor auth for popular cloud services. Could be worth educating your users with this one!

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