Learn more about Windows XP video

You are probably wondering why I’m posting about XP it’s pretty old hat…well that’s the reason.  I was clearing out stuff in my garage this weekend and came across an ancient artefact that I had to share.  Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you…

Learn more about Windows XP


On VHS tape.

Yep, Windows XP is so old we actually distributed promotional VHS tapes for it!  That means it was released before DVDs went mainstream.  That’s some old stuff right there.  I don’t even own the technology to play this thing!

I know we all know it’s time to move on, but it’s just one more thing to mention to the hold outs.  This will be added our techno-relics table soon…



  1. Hey, I've still got the technology to play that…..sad

  2. I might pop to an antique shop and gear up!

  3. salmanshah

    Wow. Luckily I still have the Technology to play the device. VCR player 🙂

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