Multiple email addresses and BPOS Exchange Online

Over the past week I’ve been asking people on twitter to talk to me about their experiences with BPOS and I had an interesting conversational thread with @IAmKat about multiple email accounts and how to send and receive.  So I did some digging.

Firstly it’s really easy to receive email into one account from different addresses.  For example, say I want to collect emails sent to and have them go to my normal mail address.  All I need to do (as the administrator of my BPOS account) is go to the Admin Center and edit my user account for the mail account where I want to receive the mail.  If I then scroll down I can add any unused alias at any domain that I’ve got associated with my account.  A great example of this would be to add the domain if you normally use only the .com domain for your org.

Nothing here for your end user to do to receive this mail.

alternate email addresses

That’s only half the story though…what about sending?

That’s where things become more tricky.  The BPOS team blog has the answer though in the form of distribution lists.  Essentially what you do is create a dist list and allow one user to manage the list, then they can send and receive from it…it’s not super simple though which is a shame.

What do you think?