Porridge flavours


One of the things about starting out at a new company like Microsoft is that you get a reputation.  At the start you’re not 100% in control of that and the little things you do tend to get you noticed.  In my case the one member of my department caught me in the act of adding something to my porridge.  Nothing much in that you’d think…but she’s the editor of the TechNet Flash news letter (which you should subscribe to immediately).

I have a confession.

I add peanut butter to my porridge.

There, that’s it, I’m now peanut butter porridge boy…brilliant!  The best thing about this is that we’ve started to receive suggestions about what I should put in my porridge.  Oddly, in my opinion, no one has asked if it’s crunchy or smooth…it’s smooth and where possible it’s Jif (because choosy moms choose Jif).

And so to experimentation with the flavours….


I quite like nutella and it works rather well.  It achieves the same gooey consistency as peanut butter 5 minutes into it’s melting cycle but it’s not as satisfying.  It’s also no where near as good for you as a peanut butter – which is actually good for you.

Honey and Banana

Yeah it’s ok.


Makes it taste like a McDonalds cinnamon donut, which is all right in my book but it’s still can’t unseat the king of porridge!

The winner is still smooth peanut butter in my eyes, but if you’ve got more suggestions then I’m always on the lookout.