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FAQ ME! Answering Questions from the Azure AD Core Skills Jumpstart

Last week I ran the Azure AD Core Skills Jumpstart on Microsoft Virtual Academy and, as always, there were lots of questions from the audience. I thought I’d take all the questions that I could find in the questions queue and dump them to a file and compile and FAQ for you to peruse. Useful if you did, or didn’t, get your question answered.

10 Core Skills for Enterprise Mobility

Learn these 10 core skills for Enterprise Mobility to future proof your enterprise

With a new version of Windows coming down the pipe, Microsoft have begun to let you know about some of the key technologies you need to know a little more about. Those technologies aren’t just key to helping your users to have an amazing Windows experience though, no matter what device they use these core skills for enterprise mobility will help all your users have a better experience.

Enterprise Mobility Management is a massive subject domain, subdivided into multiple solution domains to achieve that holy grail of outcomes: Maximize personal and organizational productivity while minimizing organizational risk (and minimizing personal privacy invasion). I include the section in parenthesis because it’s important, IT needs to respect user privacy to gain user trust.

So I decided to break it down into 10 Core Skills for Enterprise Mobility.

Windows Server News

Mobile Device Management: iOS with Microsoft Tools @ Windows Server News

Embrace iOS devices with a Microsoft infrastructure, using the device registration service in Windows Server 2012 R2 and (Mobile Device Management) MDM software. Of course simply managing a device isn’t just what IT needs to do, we often need to deploy software to devices, often termed Mobile Application Management. The […]

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