Azure RemoteApp Core Skills

How and When to Consider Azure RemoteApp

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp helps make your applications more widely available, on different devices regardless of if your end users are at work or not. While you may be enabling a solution like this today, think of all the time you could save (and how much you could save your business) if you could minimize complexity of your on-premises RDS deployments. To provide further details, I’ve selected two videos for you (one short for between meetings) and a longer one so you can go deep.

Primary Trust Relationship … gone

Every so often in my lab a domain joined workstation or server will loose domain trust. It’s usually a password sync issue, the way to fix it is simple: rejoin it to the domain. There is a better way though, use this PowerShell: Reset-ComputerMachinePassword -Server <FQDN of your DC> -Credential […]

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