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10 Core Skills for Enterprise Mobility

Learn these 10 core skills for Enterprise Mobility to future proof your enterprise

With a new version of Windows coming down the pipe, Microsoft have begun to let you know about some of the key technologies you need to know a little more about. Those technologies aren’t just key to helping your users to have an amazing Windows experience though, no matter what device they use these core skills for enterprise mobility will help all your users have a better experience.

Enterprise Mobility Management is a massive subject domain, subdivided into multiple solution domains to achieve that holy grail of outcomes: Maximize personal and organizational productivity while minimizing organizational risk (and minimizing personal privacy invasion). I include the section in parenthesis because it’s important, IT needs to respect user privacy to gain user trust.

So I decided to break it down into 10 Core Skills for Enterprise Mobility.

Get the most out of Azure AD

Connecting on-premises Active Directory to Azure AD can give your org these 5 great advantages (+ how to do it)

Azure AD is an identity platform built for the modern world. Of course, Azure AD doesn’t replace your on-prem Active Directory but it does compliment and extend its capabilities, solving many traditional on-prem identity problems such as:

  • You need to simplify logon and identity to your primary business productivity platform.
  • You need to simplify logon and identity to your primary business SaaS based apps.
  • Do you need to provide access to internal apps without a VPN?
  • You need to stop your developers building random identity platforms and making your life hard.
  • You need MUCH better user activity insight, i.e. breach detection.

Endpoint Zone Episode 5 with Brad Anderson and special guest @jackmadden

In this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson, Simon May asks Brad what’s new since the last show (cyber attacks and worldwide Intune roll-outs). Next up Simon and Brad talk about the last 90 days in the world of Enterprise Mobility  and Brad’s architecture matters blog series. In the guest […]

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The Edge Show

Edge Show 133 – Azure AD SaaS apps and What’s new in Enterprise Mobility + Windows in January?

In this episode of The Edge Show on Channel 9 I talked about Azure AD SaaS apps integration with Eran Dvir, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft’s Identity team about what Azure AD SaaS app integration can do.

  • We talk through and show new capabilities around adding your own, custom SaaS apps
  • We take a look at how Azure AD SaaS apps can help you manage access to shared, corporate apps such as Twitter accounts.
  • We take a look at what integration with HR systems looks like (hint, Nirvana!);
In The Cloud Podcast

I’m on Brad Anderson’s @inthemsftcloud podcast

Conditional Access to company resources is something I’m especially interested in and you should be too. It gives you the ability to allow only registered devices to access files and email and that gives you (the IT Admin) the control your company requires you to have over data. It’s a brilliant feature and I was thrilled when Brad asked me to come talk to him about it.