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Last Week in Microsoft Enterprise Mobility: Sept 1st to 7th, 2014

With IFA last week lots of this week’s news was driven around devices rather than the infrastructure to manage them. Some interesting form factors appeared (particularly the crazy curved Samsung device: just shows what we can do with glass today!). More interesting is the price point movement that IT should be keeping a watching brief over.


Edge Show 117: Azure RMS (file containers)

If you aren’t sure what RMS (Rights Management Service) is then I’d like to suggest thinking of it as a secure wrapper for files (all types) that lets you share the file with others securely while maintaining control over what they can then do with the file. In this edition of the Edge show for Channel 9 I interview Dan Plastina, the guy who’s responsible for the product at Microsoft.

Last Week in Enterprise Mobility

Last Week in Enterprise Mobility

Lots of interesting news in the emm space last month: SCCM should look to the future, OneDrive for Business ROCKs for eDiscovery, Azure RMS gets some new ninja skillz, great AD FS articles, nice updates to Lync apps,  and some other thought provoking reads:  here is my take on EMM […]

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