The first Reading Geek Night

SONY DSCFirst and foremost thanks goes out to Jim Anning ( @JimAnning ) for organising the first Reading Geek night. 

The night was a great success with presentations from Ben Nunney ( @bennuk ) , Chris Tingley ( @fringley ) , Dom Green ( @domgreen ) and from Jim who covered some pretty diverse topics.  It was great night and I decided to contribute by taking some often blurry photo’s of the whole thing.

Great conversations were had about digital identity, how newspapers and ebook readers like the kindle can coexist and far too much other interesting geeky stuff.  If you’re a geek in Reading you should come along.  Follow the blog , and the hashtag #rdggeek on twitter. 

TIP: You’ll find my Flickr photos of the event here and take a look at @amykates photo’s too.  Here are a couple of my favourite pics from the night…


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