My three favorite books for teams and individuals right now

Work is hard. In modern organizations you’re failing if someone has to tell you what to do. There really isn’t manual to follow.

Over the past year I’ve been putting into practice somethings that I’ve learnt from 3 particular books and I wanted to share that with you folks.

Team of Teams

There are a number of things that I learned from this book, but the stand out one is this. Go to other people’s meetings and wait to be useful. I do some quite strange things, I go to other people’s team meetings and all-hands meetings. It’s a great way to learn what other people’s priorities are and it makes interpersonal connections so much stronger.

Extreme Ownership

Throughout my career I’ve learned the need to own something. To be responsible for it. It’s truer today than ever and a real differentiator in large organizations. The stand out thing I learned from this book – everything I do is on me.

Personal Kanban

I use Kanban every day to manage my work. One of the reasons that I do that is that it makes me more effective, but there is a second reason. It helps me relate better to people who manage their teams with Kanban (hint this is virtually every dev team on the planet).

The first two I first heard about from the Tim Ferris show podcast, but the last one I found some other way that I forget. While listening to Extreme Ownership as an audio book I ran my fastest ever trail runs…

What do you think?