Use PowerShell to add desktops to an VDI Pool in Windows Server 2012

Increasing the size of an existing VDI Pool in Windows Server 2012 R2 using PowerShell is quite an easy thing to do, I’ve just had need to do it so wanted to take a moment to quickly write some documentation.

The cmdlet required is Add-RDVirtualDesktopToCollection

The information we need is the name of the connection broker, the name of the pool, the name of the host and the amount of desktops we need to add. The command is:

Add-RDVirtualDesktopToCollection `
–ConnectionBroker “” `
–CollectionName “Virtual Desktop Pool Name" `
-VirtualDesktopAllocation @{""=1;""=2}

The number following the equals in the array (or hash) is the number of desktops to add to the pool.


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